Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mailbox Love

Look at what I got!!!

OK, so I'm guessing you don't care so much about my embarrassing obsession with teen fantasy novels, but what might interest you is this:

Hooray it's here! I've been borrowing my mom's stitch dictionary for so long I decided to get my own. This is a pretty good one so far. I do wish it explained a little more *how* to do some of the stitches, but regardless it is a handy reference tool, especially when you want to play with texture and need some inspiration.

I also like the thread explanation at the beginning of the book, as I'm pretty loyal to the standard dmc cross stitch floss, but am looking to branch out and try something new.
I already started practicing some new (and relearning a few old) stitches:

I'm obviously still struggling with french knots :p

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